The company presents their vegetables Zayintec "With heart and star" marketed in food chains.

The company presents their vegetables Zayintec "With heart and star" marketed in food chains.
This new product will be supported by shelf life studies conducted, among others, by researchers from Tecnova Technology Center, as a result of an agreement signed by both parties

Zayintec, a company established on the Science and Technology Park of Almería (PITA), has presented today its vegetables 'With heart and star' in a ceremony framed by the signing of an agreement with Tecnova Technological Centre in the Headquarters of the PITA. This agreement will provide reliability to the heart-shaped and star-shaped vegetables developed by Zayintec so that they can be used by the industry, through studies conducted by researchers in the area of Postharvest Technology and Packaging of Tecnova.

Cucumbers and tomatoes have from now an added incentive to their scent and color: the shapes of star and heart in which Francisco Bermudez and Javier Lope have spent years researching from Zayin Technology. In the presentation there has been the manager of the company, Francisco Bermudez, together with the manager of Tecnova TC for the signature of the agreement, accompanied by the general manager of the PITA, Alfredo Sanchez.

Zayintec is currently negotiating with major distribution chains of domestic and foreign supermarkets, as well as with producers and exporters of the province of Almeria, who have showed great interest in distributing this product to the final consumer from their shelves.

The firm located in the PITA works with two business lines: the Garden Amateur line, also called urban garden line, through which they will soon offer packs with molds for fruit and vegetables to consumers; and another one based on an industrial mold allowing large-scale production. "With the first one we provide the molds directly to the users in order to plant their own vegetables in the garden. They will be available at specialized stores. With the second line we talk about expanding the commercialization to vegetable growers to deliver this evocative product directly to the consumer's table”, says Francisco Bermúdez, manager of Zayintec.

The advantages of this mold patented by Zayintec for the agricultural sector are its low cost, its ease of use, the fact of being a certified material for food use, having a quick amortization (it does not imply an additional cost in the structure of greenhouse costs) and implying the introduction to a niche market targeted to salads of fourth range, haute cuisine and cocktails.

"On the occasion of St Valentine's Day we wanted to present our unique product. Several establishments in Almeria and Madrid will with exhibit their tapas with heart-and-star-shaped cucumbers, as well as mixed drinks in which the cucumber is the leading ingredient", Bermudez explains at the press conference. This innovative product will be served as tapa and in cocktails in the establishment DeVinos and Bibelot (Almería) as well as in romantic salads in the restaurants Faborit (Madrid).

During the last two years Zayintec has been working and developing tests in its research farms and has obtained very successful results in Alfa Beta and Dutch-type cucumber. It has also made tests in courgette, tomato (vegetable in which greater efforts are being done to reach the ideal product), and lime and lemons for cocktails with heart shape. "In the two latter, the results have been spectacular, frankly good," said Bermudez.

The idea of shaping vegetables is not new. Many countries, especially in Asia, have been working in this field. However, the molds used for this purpose so far were not suitable for professional use, due to its high cost. "Zayintec has designed with its Industrial Engineers molds for professional use with features appropriate to bring the final product to the consumer at a reasonable cost. For this purpose, it has patented a new mold design made of certified pvc for food use that allows to get a product at costs suitable for large-scale commercialization ", says the manager of the company.

The agreement signed between Tecnova and Zayintec represents a major milestone to guarantee the reliability of the heart-and-star-shaped vegetables sold by Zayintec through research conducted by specialists of Tecnova Technology Center. Moreover, the agreement includes further actions to be carried out on technological cooperation, exchange of materials, outreach workshops as well as R-D projects related to food and agriculture, among others.

Zayin Technology commercializes its products and services through the trademark ZAYINTEC. Zayin Technology is a company specializing in knowledge management and development of technological innovations in the field of horticultural seed technology, plant genetics and technology consulting. Its business lines are based on the offer of the following activities: breeding consulting, development of hybrid varieties, sale of Variety rights, consultancy of new information technologies and germplasm management software.