Biodegradable packaging for biofortified peppers

Biodegradable packaging for biofortified peppers

Health for the consumer through food with a higher concentration of essential nutrients and health for the environment through more sustainable packaging. This strategy that responds to the current concerns of society is why Axia Semillas, installed in the Technological Park of Almería, PITA, has bet.

Francisco Bermúdez, Axia executive director, opened the doors of his offices to let us know an innovative cardboard display box, functional in terms of transport and logistics.

The extra sweet red pepper of Axia, Etna, does not use plastic; but cones of recycled and biodegradable cardboard that fit over this box, as seen in the photographs.

Containers that respond to the growing demand of the market that requires continents without plastic. And the content? Here the second part of the equation, Etna, a biofortified pepper that offers the final consumer a higher level of beta-carotenes and polyphenols, according to the tests commissioned by Axia Semillas at the Ifapa center.

And here it connects with the health of the consumer. "Etna is a biofortified food selected by traditional genetics", says Francisco Bermúdez, "Axia bet is genetic improvement lines based on biofortification because we believe that it is the path that Almería must take. Greater nutritional capacity in the biology of the fruit. Give the consumer health ". Biofortified foods provide more micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) to respond to current nutrient deficiencies. That is why Axia Seeds focuses the added value of the Etna Healthy pepper on the extra contribution of vitamin A. The use of genotypes with high absorption capacity and nutrient accumulation are at the base of the genetic improvement programs that Axia is currently implementing.