Axia introduces the eggplant Eclipse

Axia introduces the eggplant Eclipse

ECLIPSE F1 it is a new variety of oval black eggplant introduced in greenhouses of the Almería west by the Axia Semillas house, located in the PITA building of the University of Almería. Eclipse is a novelty that has entered the field with force because it maintains its dark color in the cold months and has a good post-harvest.

Eclipse is a vigorous plant, open bearing that allows proper aeration and easy handling. For sowing dates from the beginning of August to the first of September and in spring from the month of April.

"Eclipse is an eggplant with a lot of fruit quality, they are compact, heavy and of an attractive black color", comments Elías Muñoz, commercial technician of Axia Semillas, "in addition, it is a very productive variety that maintains color and shape throughout your cycle. "

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