Molds for fruits

Molds for fruits
With our exclusive molds you can grow heart and star shaped fruits and vegetables.
You can get an exclusive harvest, and grow the most singular vegetables. Our molds will shape your tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, lemons, mandarin oranges, and many other.
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Molds: reusable and with food grade

Molds are easily to use thanks to its functional design. Molds are put over the fruit when this is small. Then, when the fruit grows, takes the shape of the mold. Once the mold has been filled, the harvest is easy thanks to it exclusive patented clousure system.

All molds are reusable so you can use them to shape different fruits and enjoy over time. With anti-UV treatment for a long life. Molds are made of plastic intended to come into contact with food (BPA free).

Molds are available in different lengths, suitable for different varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables varieties

The innovative design of our molds allows to shape medium size fruits as tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, lemons, mandarin oranges, and many other varieties.

Exceptional fruits and vegetables

A differentiated quality product has a guaranteed market success. The heart and star shapes in fruits and vegetables evoke emotions of tenderness and dreaminess, opening your bussiness to new ideas and projects in the food sector. Heart and star shaped fruits are not only healthy food, but also an emotional and decorative element for unforgettable dishes. They are also ideal for encouraging children to eat fruits and vegetables.

Where to purchase the molds for fruit and vegetables

Professional farmers

If you are a professional farmer and you are interested in adding value to yours fruits and vegetables, contact us and we will give you personalized attention.

We will inform you of all the possibilities of our molds, the best crops for use, and special prices for farmers. In the design phase of the mold one of the main requirements was that the product was able to be manufactured at very low cost. These features allow the mold to be used for commercial production of large volumes of fruit and vegetables.


If you enjoy gardening the heart and star shaped molds will surprise you and will be great fun for children.

Heart and star shaped molds are now available in online shops

How to use

1. Closing the mold

Close the mold starting from one end, and continuing along the mold to the other end.

2. Placing the mold

Choose a small growing fruit and put the mold on it, so that the fruit completely remains into it. The mold has a little hole at each end, use a wire or a thread to fasten the mold to the plant.

3. Growing the fruit

Once you reach this step, you just have to wait for the fruit to grow. Some fruits like cucumber grow very fast and takes only 5-6 days to fill the mold. Other fruits such as tomatoes will take a few weeks.

4. Heart and star shaped fruit harvest

Once the fruit has taken the shape of the mold, you can already make your harvest. Release the clouser of the mold starting at one end. Slightly open the mold and the fruit will come out easily by the end of the mold. Now you can reuse the mold to shape other fruits.


Visit our web site y vea las galerías de fotos, videos, y mucha más información sobre nuestros moldes para frutas y hortalizas.