Zayintec develop a new program of breeding for resistance to broomrape beans.

Zayintec develop a new program of breeding for resistance to broomrape beans.
Zayin Technology (ZAYINTEC) registers a chemical compound repellent and insecticidal against Tuta absoluta for use in tomato crops.

The Tuta absoluta is an insect that causes high damage in tomato plants. It is a small insect of the Lepidoptera Gelechiidae family, widespread in South America, which in recent years has expanded aggressively throughout the Mediterranean basin. It acts like a pest in tomato, potato and other solanaceous.

ZAYINTEC is a consulting company specialized in plant genetic breeding. ZAYINTEC demonstrates excellent experience in the study of tomato varieties that are especially resistant to the attack of Tuta absoluta. During the investigations for deepening on the grounds that gave rise to this particular genetic resistance of tomato, ZAYINTEC discovered an abundant presence of the chemical compound called zingiberene in the exudates produced by glandular trichomes from the leaves of some varieties of wild tomato.

Further research showed that the chemical compound responsible for resistance to Tuta absoluta is also major component of the Zingiberaceae volatiles, which have important presence in oil of ginger and turmeric.

In the patent it is claimed the exogenous application over the tomato plant using the chemical compound called alpha-zingiberene, that can be applied both in its pure form (isolation), as in its natural form through the use of essential oils containing this molecule in appropriate concentrations, as a repellent and insecticide against Tuta absoluta and other insects that affect the cultivation of tomatoes.

ZAYINTEC has observed that the exogenous application of this compound decreases significantly the activity feeding of Tuta absoluta and increases the mortality of its grubs. Therefore, the chemical compound alpha-zingiberene becomes a potent repellent and insecticide alone or added to other substances.

Experiments carried out by ZAYINTEC have proved that the exogenous application of alpha-zingiberene over tomato plants is very effective in certain conditions of temperature, as agent control of Tuta absoluta.

The application of alpha-zingiberene causes the following effects, when applied exogenously in tomato plants susceptible to this insect:

  • Causes the non-preference or unappetizing on treated tomato plants.
  • Significantly reduces oviposition of Tuta absoluta adults in tomato plants.
  • The grubs reduce feeding activity on treated tomato plants, causing high mortality rates.
  • Causes high mortality rates of eggs and neonate grubs, depending on the doses applied.

Zayin Technology is a company located in the Science and Technology Park in Almeria (PITA), which commercialized its products and services through ZAYINTEC trademark. It is specialized in knowledge management and development of technological innovations in the field of plant breeding and technological consulting. Its business is based on the supply of genetic improvement consulting, development for third parties hybrid vegetable varieties, bio-informatics services, advanced software design and marketing. Zayin Technology has developed SEEDORG, a management software for germplasm banks and plant breeding.

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