Analysis and tests

Analysis and tests
- Analysis of ploidy level by flow cytometry

- Karyotype analysis

- Application of FISH / GISH techniques

- Cytometry ploidy Test - Separation of genotypes with different numbers of chromosomes. Useful for breeding programs where you choose by ploidy levels.

- Germination Test - Germination tests according to ISTA Protocol, also taking percentages of germination and vigor.

- Identification and Varietal Purity Test - Differentiation between F1 and out of types (self-pollination, cross pollination, errors in production). We also compared the genotypes of parental lines and progeny at different SNPs and SSRs.

- Genetic Characterization and Confirmation of Identity - Calculated genetic distances and establishes the relationship between their lines to determine the best crossing facilitates "Marker Assisted Backcrossing" identiifcar features parent in offspring. Distinguish between a control sample and other identity unknown.

- Varietal Finger-print (identity) - Service giving the unique genetic profile of our range, useful for comparison of lots and lot verification of authenticity.

- Biological Resistance Test and Agroinoculacion mechanical inoculation.

- Evaluation of resistance to bacteria and fungi in plant material by mechanical inoculation or Agroinoculacion.